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Rice-based functional food
Espaņola de I+D has just launched licensing options for its rice manufacturing technologies in the European market. This is technology for cooked rice, wet rice and rice enriched with functional (nutraceutic) ingredients and condiments. It has a long shelf life at room temperature.

The functional food market is progressively growing into a mega-market and rice cannot ignore it. The clear market trend for preventing illness through the consumption of functional (nutraceutic) properties incorporated into food (like omega-3 fatty acid in milk) is constantly attracting new consumers and deservedly so as the efficacy of these properties is widely recognised in the scientific community. Rice is an excellent vehicle to be combined with functional properties to create excellent "healthy food". Espaņola de I+D had developed a wide range of rice products that are recommended for different purposes: prevention of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis etc.

In addition to their "healthy" properties these new rice products are also very convenient for the consumer (they only need 2 minutes in the microwave to be ready for consumption) and there is a wide variety of exquisite flavours.
Modern restaurant chains demand the use of advanced food technology to...
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