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New "Designer" Steamed (Parboiled) Rices
Espaņola de I+D is starting a strong marketing campaign in Europe to promote its technologies for manufacturing designer parboiled rices.

Licensing options are now available for this cutting edge technology. You can use this technology to manufacture parboiled rice with predetermined characteristics according to your customer's request and meet the specifications required by different sectors: industrial processors (frozen rice, preserves, quick cook rice etc.), restaurants and home consumption
Specialised Technical Support Services
Espaņola de I+D has placed a new activity at the service of the rice industry. It specialises in defending the interests of the rice industry against possible official sanctions for alleged infractions of domestic and foreign trading standards.

This new activity also includes technical support services to clarify responsibility in litigation and disagreements between suppliers and customers concerning alleged non-compliance with transaction specifications.
Modern restaurant chains demand the use of advanced food technology to...
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