Rice-based functional food +Info
Quality "certifiably healthy" fast food +Info
00. HOME
01.1 Espaņola de I+D
01.2 The Team
01.3 Our Location
02.1 Complete Solutions
02.2 Facilities
02.3 Lines of Activity
03.1 Rice Product Manufacturing Technology
03.1.1 Parboiled Rice
03.1.2 Quick Cooking Rice
03.1.3 Dry Enriched Rice
03.1.4 Wet Cooked Rice /
           / Prepared Rice Dishes
03.1.5 Functional Rice
03.1.6 By-products of the Rice Industry
03.2 Baking Process Manufacturing Technology
03.2.1 Frozen Dough
03.2.2 Parbaked Bread and Pastry Advantages Potential Market
03.2.3 Parbaked Bread and Pastry
           to be finished in the Microwave
03.2.4 Long-life Bread and Pastry
03.2.5 Functional and Nutraceutic Bread
03.2.6 Parbaked Pizza Crusts and
           Complete Parbaked Pizzas Marketing Advantages of Parbaked Pizzas Additional Products for Pizzerias and
              Fast Food Restaurants Factors to Take into
              Account When Choosing
              Pizza Manufacturing Technology
03.3 Technology for Hotel, Restaurant
         and Catering Products
03.3.1 Catering
03.3.2 Fast Food
03.3.3 Additional Products for Pizzerias and
           Fast Food Restaurants
03.3.4 Baguettes and Sandwiches
03.4 AVANT-GARDE Technology
03.4.1 Theme Restaurants
03.4.2 Quick Cooking Rice
03.4.3 Parbaked Pizza Crusts and
           Complete Parbaked Pizzas
03.3.4 Parbaked Bread and Pastry
           to be finished in the Microwave
Modern restaurant chains demand the use of advanced food technology to...
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